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There's no need to cross the Mackinac Bridge to get an authentic Michigan pasty. Your new favorite pasty place is right here in Mid-Michigan. Located at 2218 N Saginaw Road, in Midland, Michigan, Shier's Pasties & More sells hot, fresh pasties and fresh, frozen pasties Tuesday through Saturday on-site. You can also buy our frozen Pasties at Eastman Party Store, located at 5205 Eastman Avenue, in Midland. 

Shier's Pasties are handmade daily, and while there is some debate as to whether rutabaga belongs in pasties, it is our firm belief that if a pasty doesn't have rutabaga in it, it can't be called a "real" pasty. Our Beef, Chicken, and Veggie pasties all include rutabaga.

Shier's Pasties are ranked among the best pasties in Michigan's lower peninsula, at least according to "The Pasty Guy", (Thanks, Pasty Guy!), and our customers have overwhelmingly agreed! But don't take our word for it - stop in today and find out for yourself.

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